With Rights Come Responsibilities

2017-04-05 | , Nevada Firearms Coalition


With Rights

Come Responsibilties

There is a bill at the State Legislature, SB254 that, as introduced, removes the existing immunity from civil prosecution for those Nevadans who have lawfully defended themselves from deadly criminal assault in a home or car. This provision was enacted by the Nevada Legislature in 2015.

The Nevada Firearms Coalition recently met with the sponsor of this bill, Senator Aaron Ford, and he plans to amend the bill to not remove this protection; to essentially keep in place what is commonly called the "Castle Doctrine."  

NVFAC has not sent an alert out about this bill, as it has not been scheduled for a hearing.  

However, an out-of-state firearm group has sent an alert, apparently nationwide, that is generating a lot of calls and emails to Senator Ford.  

Many of the communications to the Senator have been exceedingly disrespectful and downright rude. We do not condone this type of communication, as it hurts our cause and our effectiveness.

The Nevada Firearms Coalition asks its members and supporters to focus on the policy of the bill when communicating with members of the Legislature. We provide talking points for you to use as a guide, but we also ask you to relate how a proposed bill will impact you. Telling your story can have a tremendous effect on legislators.

As the lobbyist for the Nevada Firearms Coalition, I am working hard to protect your rights, but with rights comes a responsibility to work with legislators who both support or oppose our mission.

We encourage you to communicate with legislators. Your singular voices combine to make us a powerful force in Carson City...but being rude to legislators hurts our ability to be effective.

We will continue to keep you informed and engaged in what is happening in the Legislature, and thank you for being a member of the Nevada Firearms Coalition.


Randi Thompson